Alkaline diet & Ayurveda : an interview with… Anu Paavola, ayurvedic partitioner

Nature's Diet

Anu Paavola Anu Paavola

The original source of stress is known as a stressor. Most of the stressors in todays’ society (cigarette smoke, alcohol, stress itself, bad diet, coffee, sodas, pharmaceuticals) all produce an acid state in the body. All cancerous states are acid states of long duration. Research indicates that 90% of our general population is far too acidic, which leads to a variety of negative health effects. Over time, being acidic is the main cause of degenerative diseases and aging. If you have an acidic body, you become energyless, exhausted physically and mentally and you lose the radiance and shine of skin and hair.

Grains, sugar, dairy, animal or vegetarian protein and oils yield an acid ash while fruits, sea vegetables, vegetables, quality water and herbs yield an alkaline ash You should consume 20% of your food daily, by weight from the acid ash- forming foods and 80%, from the…

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