Guru Sheetam Mrudu Slakshnam Bahalam Madhur Sthiram, Prasanam Picchilam Snigdham Ojo Dashagunam Smrutam

“Heavy Cold Soft Smooth Strong Sweet Stable Pleasing Slimy Unctuous Oja 10 qualities hereby said/defined/understood.”

Oja is explained as the 8th dhatu (tissue) – beyond shukra when there is a fair amount of qualitative and quantitative dhatus, beyond the nourishment of the 7 dhatus, you get Oja

Dhatu nourishes, replenishes and carries out the essential vital normal functions of life. CNS, heart etc.

Looking at milk, we can think of ghee which is present in all milk but not always seen. With processing we can get ghee. Similarily with regular dinacharya, rtucharya and aharvyhar etc. you can achieve a fair amount of oja in the body.

Good amount of Oja gives a halo to the body. One of the basic functions of Oja.

The quantity of 2 types of oja – when slightly depleted leads to death. Therefore in Aurveda, all the importance of dhatu agni is stressed because without oja, no life. Must be in good proportion.

Infant Development:

ashtabindvakmat/Para(superior) oja happens at conception

3 month – completely formed heart

4th month – intellect soul, heart

7th month – oja from the mother enters the fetus Sarvadehik oja – once this happens the fetus can survive. Pre-7th month or pre-oja is not going to survive.

When the mother looks really vibrant – not transferring oja.

Heart and Main Arteries Oja –

The place of Ashtabindvakmat which is 8 drops in quantity is the Para oja which is there from the beginning of life/conception

The unctuousness of all the sapta dhatus is ojas which is also the seat of prana. Ojas is the dhatu, slightest depletion of ojas can prove fatal because prana within is the living force.

Apara Ojas – ½ Anjali and located all over the body

Anjali is the measure of your hands cupping. So all are subjective based on the patient – his volume of the cup is based on his palms cupping.

Apara Oja = Sarvadehik Oja – everywhere in the body – ½ anjali

Para Oja = Ashtabindvwakmat – in the heart – 8 drops

Oja is maintained, not built. There is only 8 drops in the heart, and ½ Anjali in the body. So everything we do for health is maintaining oja not creating more. If you have very minor depletion of Apara Oja you are near death. If you have any depletion in Para Oja you will have death.

Formation of Oja – always referring to Apara Oja because you can’t make Para Oja, you get it at conception that’s it. Deficient Apara Oja leads to birth defects–

Like bees form nectar/honey by visiting respective flowers ongoing all the time.

The relentless action of dhatu agni in deriving the nutrition of each dhatu also has a byproduct of unctuousness. That unctuousness is called Ojas and is stored everywhere in the body. That is how Ojas is formed – with help of dhatu agni.

* The bee is dhatu agni, the flower is the dhatu, the honey is the Apara Oja

Function/Karma of Oja in the Body

Kanti – Hue/Halo/Complexion

Shanti – overall strength/vigor/vitality

Sthiram – stability of dhatu and therefore composure (psychological and somatic)

Kaya (do), Vachik (speak) Manasic (think) – Body/Somatic activities, psychic activities and phonetics (quality of sound and the words you utter – clarity and force and effect of words.

Indriya (sense organs) Saratva (the best form)– all the indriyas are performing to the fullest and you are in charge of them. Vak (speech), Pani (touch), Pad (movement), Payu (elimination), Upastha (procreate) all the abilities and the senses of perception function to their fullest and best courtesy of oja.

Atma Indhan – Soul Fuel – fuels the atma. Literally the driving or living force.

Vyadhi Kshmatva – Immunity

Dirghayu – Longevity

Oja Kshay – depletion of oja

– death or weakness

– Manobal – Loss of confidence/self esteem, self abusing, negative – this is the most important quality from a point of diagnosis

– Negative thinking

– Oppressed/suppressed feeling

– Compromised abilities – the pancha karmendriya

– Compromised senses – pancha gnanendriya

– Glowlessness

– Emaciation and Ununctuousness (dryness – skin hair eyes)

All the qualities of addiction are the opposite qualities of oja – because oja is forming at all times, when good levels of oja

Apatya not good food items or behaviour

Karana – cause, causative

Ojas Kshaya Karana = causes that bring about depletion of oja

Ati Vyayam – overexertion, overexercise. Working yourself to death. Lakshana- symptoms. Athletes falling to death after an event they have used up their apara oja. Genetic capacity different per person.

If ones somatic effects are so poor the individual cannot reach for spirituality. The body is the sadhana for the spirit. If the instrument is not in the proper form, there will be hindrance on the spiritual path. If your indriyas are not functioning properly you can’t achieve any level of spirituality.

When Vata goes out of balance – ruksha (drying), chala (fast) – broad factors which vitiate vata dosha are 2 – Dhatu Kshay- depletion, Margavrodh – blockage.

Wherever the structural element is depleted, it will be taken over by vitiated vayu.

Anashan – not eating at all. Hunger, malnutrition leads to early death. The glow is missing – starts with negativity (the oja missing is the cause of this)

Breatharians – provided all your nutrition is perfect, then you can do yoga kriya, then one in a million can work with their inner metabolic processes and not eat. But almost everyone can’t do this. Don’t believe the hype that is out there today.

Rukshannpan – overprocessed, junk food – not just dry food, but all this processed food. Snack food etc. cold drinks, alcohol, carbonated drinks. first thing you notice is your mood is crap. Deep fried and dry leads to pitta disorders.

Prajaagara – staying up late at night. Bad G.I. issues, reproductive problems, psychological problems happen a lot with split shifts employment – unless very good oja is already present, because of the depletion of oja leading to vata disruption.

Abhighata – Physical Trauma. Important cause of oja kshaya – best example are accident cases. Take a long time to recuperate because ojas has been depleted to a critical level. Unwarranted surgeries – hysterectomies, knee replacements. All local or general anaesthetics have qualities opposite of ojas.

Ojas is destroyed by these other qualities or lifestyles. Strong analgesics, antibiotics etc. if unwarranted will deplete ojas.

Abhisangha – when in ayurveda all your dosha dhatus are in equilibrium and yet there are symptoms, one is considered to be Buthasangha (ghosts). affections – before infection there is an affection (in pathology affected)

Dhatu Kshay – when dhatus are depleted, ojas is also depleted. Substantial hemorrhaging will show up as ojakshaya.

Shukra Shonit Visarga – Semen Menstrual fluid loss/spill. When physiological quality and quality is ok, when get into excessive bleeding or excessive sex can lead to osteoporosis, prostatis, diminished vision (night blindness/colorblindness). Any time there is loss of shukra or shonita there can be loss of oja. 3-4 days of menstrual cycle with 3-4 anjali no clotting

Visha – poison – getting high: tea, coffee, pan/opium, any narcotics – kshaya and ruksha dhatu (dry and bitter leads to vata imbalance)

Oja Pushti karani sadhanani

Oja building up/regaining measures (Measures to take to regain Oja)

Prasanata – cheerfulness – if you are frowning you are depleting your oja. If you are smiling you are increasing your oja. Builds up positivity in thought process and behavior patterns

Manonukul Ahar Vihar – beneficial and according to your likes and dislikes

Hita/Ahita – does good and only good- what you actually need qualitatively beneficial/not good

Sukha/Dukha – pleasure or subjective notion about favorable result or desire/pain or subjective notion of what is unfavorable result

Using Yukti (logic) and Samskara(process) we can work to make that which is Hita into that which is Sukha

Taking a roller coaster that causes fear is bad for you because increased tension. What you put in you get out. Video games/shooter stuff with fighting and killing is ojas depleting. Builds up the tendencies. TV is called an idiot box for a reason – but you can use it for beautiful or educational stuff. Reading pornography ruins the motive of reading. Applies everywhere – what you take in has an effect on your mind.

Nirdvandrva –nonduality: opposites: don’t get entangled in polarity. Duality sucks (literally). Drains you of vitality/oja. Come to know balance. Transcend opposites.

Madhur, Snigda, Sheeta Virya (cold)

Light and Wholesome diet – a meal having all the sharas and laghu in right quantity.


Jeevaniya Gana – Group of herbs that build up oja/Give life.

  • Medha
  • Maha Medha
  • Kakoli
  • Jeevak
  • Rushabhak
  • KshirKakoli
  • Mudgaparni
  • Mashparni – parni means leaf
  • Jeevanti
  • Yashtimadhur – licorice

All the Rasayana and the Vajikaran (aphrodisiacs) help to build up ojas

Loving spousal relationships help to build ojas

Inspirational visions help to build ojas




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