2d729acb8ec0a5366c4fad0912b91b6eImportance Of Gomutra In Ayurveda With Additional Reference Of Panchagavya:

Since thousands of years, we worship cow as “KAMADHENU”, the God who fulfills our desire. We worship cow as the mother of all entities, which gives all pleasures to everyone. Even when a mother is unable to feed her baby with milk, the cow’s milk meets the need. Hence by all such reasons cow is considered as the mother and also respected her with offerings and poojas.  Similarly the products obtained from cow are also beneficial to all mankind in many ways.

The urine, milk, ghee, curd and dung obtained from cow are beneficial in different ways as food supplement, medicine, etc. Collectively these 5 products from cow is called as PANCHAGAVYA, which holds its own importance in spiritual and medicinal aspects. In India, we use panchagavya as such or in single or in combination with other drugs for medicine and spiritual uses traditionally. Similar to sweet man use milk of cow from birth to death, hence it is also called as aajanmasaatmaya.  But in general the importance is much given to milk and milk products other than the rest four obtained from cow. When we consider panchagavya, the reference says:


Gavyam pavitram cha rasayanam cha patthyam cha hrudayam

Balam bhuddhi syaat aayupadam raktavikaara hari

Tridosham hrudrogam vishaapaham syaat.

Which means – panchagavyam is as purest as Gangajalam, the greater elixir, the proper diet which is pleasing to heart, gives mental strength by enhancing intellect, enhancing the quantity and quality of life, and cures the disorders arising due to intoxicated blood disorders. It balances the tridosha, cures heart related disorders and best in pacifying the effects of poisons.

Yattwak asti gatam paapam deham tistatti mamke

Praashanaat panchagavyasya dahasagniriva dhanam

Which means – from skin to bones whatever sins (diseases) are in my body are destroyed by panchagavya just as a fire destroys fuel. Similar is the effect of panchagavya in human body.

Hence panchagavya is been given much importance in both medicinal and spiritual aspects. Therefore similar to milk importance has to be given to other four products also. It has to bring into practice.

In concern with Gomutra the spiritual, medicinal and traditional values are higher. Traditionally, Gomutra is being sprayed in courtyards and home for its holy purpose. When sprayed, it is said to bestow all happiness, purity, prosperity, positive health, wealth etc.  Cow is considered as dwelling place for all God and Goddess. Since ancient times people own cow and feed with care for cultural values. They also make use of cow in getting milk and other products. Further looking in higher level in Hindu dharma cow is pet of majority of God and Goddess like Lord Shiva, Goddess Parvathy, Lord Vishnu, Lord Krishna, Lord Ragavendra etc to name a few. Thus feeding and taking care of cow is considered as an auspicious duty in Indian tradition and spiritual system.


In case of medicinal benefits though all the five products are considered equally important, the use of Gomutra is highlighted here.

All ancient text books of Ayurveda explain the importance of cow’s urine in treatment of various disorders. Ayurveda alone can explain 8 types urine with their properties and uses, among which cow’s urine is considered as the best.  Astanga Samgraha of vagbhatta quotes:

Mutram Go aja avi mahishi gaja ashwa oustra kharodbhavam|

Pittalam ruksha teekshna ushnam lavanaanurasam katuhu||

Krimi shopha udhara anaaha shoola pandu kaphaanilaan |

Gulma aruchi visha switra kusta arshaamsi jayeet laghu ||

Vireka astaapana alepa swedadishu cha poojitam |

Deepanam paachanam bhedi teshu gomutram uttamam ||(Ast. Sam)

This quotation explores that – among 8 urine, namely urine of cow, goat, sheep, buffalo, elephant, horse, camel and man’s urine, the urine of cow is said to be best. (Indication of the word mutra also in texts refers to go mutra in general. Gomutra should only be collected from a healthy cow. Ayurveda also give lakshnas (sign) of healthy cow. ) Gomutra is hot in potency, rough/dry in nature with strong penetrative power. Such a quality is highly necessary to penetrate and spread the medicine deep into the body through all deep and minute channels and pores of body. Such a quality is also beneficial reaching brain and even minutest to psychic level.

The taste is pungent followed by salty. Gomutra is light and so easily digestible. This induces appetite, even splits complex substances to lightest or simpler form. Considering all the above said qualities Gomutra is used in different indications through different modes of preparation of medicaments as in case of purgatives, in kashaya vasti, as topical applications, in sudation therapy etc are used in case of intestinal worms, edema, anasarca, ascitis/ organomeaglies, abdominal distensions, various painful conditions, in anemia and other disorders related to kapha and vata origin. It is also directly indicated in texts the usage in abdominal lumps, anorexia, intoxication, poisons, leprosy and other skin related disorders, hemorrhoids, fistula etc.

In India, drinking of cow’s urine has been practiced for thousands of years. One form of cow’s urine with popular use now a day is cow’s urine distillate (Gomutra – arka – in Ayurveda). A transparent liquid obtained when cow’s urine is subjected to the process of distillation. This distillate shows more acceptability than crude cow’s urine and also shows all properties equal to crude cow’s urine. Recent researchers prove that cow’s urine distillate acts as a bio-enhancer of antibiotic activity. Thus it is the best example to prove the efficacy of Gomutra holds its fame in Ayurveda since thousands of years where modern world of research is being just proving it in new dimension.

The healing properties of cow’s urine are mentioned in many ancient Hindu texts too. And are studied by several authors, there are several reports about the importance of Gomutra in prevention of various diseases caused by microbes and other psychological factors. Microbes are one of the culprits causing disease in humans, animals and plants. Several bacteria, fungi, viruses, protozoa, helminthes are responsible for causing millions of infections and deaths every year.

Even though researchers and pharmaceutical industries have produced a number of new anti –microbial drugs, resistance to drugs used as therapeutic agents. Now a days the modern research world make interest in Ayurveda and its hidden facts along with other traditional medicines using plants, cow’s urine and other animal products to observe and make use of anti – microbial properties associated with anti-biotics.

Keeping these in mind we the members of traditional science practitioner are very fortunate and proud to speak on the usages of Gomutra before this modern scientific world. The knowledge on Gomutra is detailed well in sastras. Being highly recommended by sastras it is considered as holy and safe to use. The known Ayurveda sastra throws light in Gomutra as natural form of antibiotic and anti microbial and being named as sanjeevani. Gomutra is highly potent medicine in curing top ranked infectious diseases. It also acts on kidney and liver in detoxifying them, which are considered as the major organs of purification. What more is best in purifying the organs of purifications itself Gomutra helps in cleaning the system from toxins and acts as antidote that protect the body from various types of poisons.

This same magical liquid is used as eco-friendly home disinfectant and natural insecticide. Taking bath with few amount of Gomutra mixed in warm water not only purifies physical body but also purifies supreme soul and protects body from being attacked by biological germs and invisible evils. Hence, Gomutra is compared as pure and sacred as Ganga jala for its pavitram (purity). Therefore Gomutra is sprinkled over body and head or bathed along with water to destroy the sins and also diseases caused by sins in previous birth and present birth too as said in classics.


The laboratory analysis of cow’s urine shows that it contains iron, copper, nitrogen, sulphur, manganese, carbolic acid, silicon, chlorine, magnesium, melci, titric, citric, sucerinic citrates, calcium salts, enzymes, mineral salts, vitamins like A,B,C,D,E, creatinine, uric acid, hormones, gold acids etc, and most interestingly – hipuric acid, which removes toxins through urine, Aurum hydroxide, which acts as germicide and there by acts as immunomodulators in increasing immunity if body and build resistance against all minor to major infectious agents.

The above mentioned contents of Gomutra on an analysis are found to be very useful in balance of body constitutes. Thus whenever we urinate there is a loss of such micro – nutrients, which are well compensated by daily intake of Gomutra.


There are several forms of intake like-

  1. As crude Gomutra – freshly collected first urine in morning from a healthy cow.
  2. As a distillate (Gomutra – arka) as mentioned earlier.
  3. As a medicated product like panchagavya grutha or just mixing 5 products daily.
  4. As Gomutra vasti (enema) in various disorders mentioned in Ayurvedic classics.
  5. As nasal administration – Nasya, for many psychological disorders.
  6. Gomutra Ghana vati available as tablet form in markets can also be used.

All these are based on requirement. In general it is advisable to consume 5 – 20 ml of Gomutra for maintaining positive health.


Gomutra is considered as antifungal, antibacterial, anti allergic, antibiotic, antimicrobial, antihelmentic etc in modern terms. But the usage of Gomutra is innumerable, yet few conditions are listed further based on its guna (character) and dosha (effects). Though Gomutra is pittala, it is tridosha hara. When dose and usage are fixed on requirements and based on condition, mode of administrations, mode of preparation, it becomes like nectar, thus pacifying all 3 doshas. Thus the usage of Gomutra is accounted from small infection to severe disorder. Few well established results and which are in practice are stated below as reference.

Note: dose and volume etc are not discussed here as it is fixed based on condition, type of patient, type of disorder etc. hence it is carefully administered by physician after complete analysis of patient’s criteria.

In Hypercholesterolemia: Gomutra along with jeeraka, honey and triphala churna taken in empty stomach daily reduces cholesterol, harmful alkaloids, etc.

In Obesity: Gomutra along with honey and lime juice made as a drink consumed daily reduces weight greatly without any harm to other systems.

In High Degree Fevers: Gomutra especially arka can be administered along with jeeraka water reduces the fever and also kindles digestive fire.

In Astma and Other Bronchial Disorders: Gomutra mixed with shunti and pippali and little honey. This mixture is administered for 1-2 week twice daily in empty stomach in morning and at bed time at night. This also reduces wheeze.

In Stomach Pain and Abdominal Colic’s: (Other Than Appendicitis And Renal Colic’s): Warm the Gomutra along with vata shamaka tailam and applied warm over pain region and done smooth massage in anulomana direction.

In Hypertension/Depression/Headaches: Gomutra is heated with ghee and the fumes are inhaled followed by application of same mixture in naval (nabhi). This also releases thamas.

In Baldness/Alopecia: – Gomutra nasya 

In Sinusitis: Gomutra nasya, and internally Gomutra and trikatu churnam .

In Tonsillitis: Gomutra is mixed along with soft ksharas and applied over infected tonsils continuously for 10 days.

In Jaundice: Gomutra administered internally along with katuki and jeeraka in empty stomach twice daily starting with lesser dose thereby increasing the amount daily.

In Blood Intoxication: Gomutra along with fresh amalaki juice twice daily.

In Diabetes: Gomutra alone taken in empty stomach in morning and after food at night reduce diabetes by enhancing the production of insulin making pancreatic function active. (Note – strict avoidance of curd and sweet intake is recommended).

In Acne/ Pimples: Gomutra alone is daily used to wash face twice daily in case of white head pimples (pus). It also reduces formation of excess sebum and thus leaves skin dry.

In Dysmenorrhea: Gomutra along with takra (butter milk) or navaneeta (butter) with few drops of tila taila is recommended.

In Leuchorrhea: Gomutra is added with triphala kashaya with or without lime is used as dough or genital wash daily.

In Leucoderma: Gomutra mixed with avalgujaadi beeja churnam and applied external over the skin.

In Fungal Skin Disorders/Itches/Eczema: Gomutra along with khadhira churna and applied regularly for 10 – 15 days to avoid recurrence.

In Heart Disorders: Gomutra along with matulunga swarasa and saindhava lavana is indicated

In Amenorrhea: Gomutra with tila taila and amalaki swarasa

In Rheumatoid/Osteo/Gouty Arthritis Pain & Inflammation: Gomutra mixed along with cow dung and heated. It is applied warm over painful joints, gives quick relief from pain.

In Dermal Warts: Gomutra with kshara and tila taila – external application.

In Hyper Thyroid: Gomutra along with aswagandha along with any guggulu preparation is given.

In Conjunctivitis/ Eye Inflammation:  Gomutra arka is dropped as eye drops.

In Sprue Syndrome/Amoebiasis: Gomutra with vilwa swrasa.

In Anemia/ Edema: Gomutra along with ardraka swarasa.

In Dental Pain:  Gomutra along with tilataila and lavanga churna for gurgled.

In Nasal Polyps: Gomutra with a pinch of saindava lavana used as nasya.

In Bloating of Abdomen/ Admaana: Gomutra with lashuna and triphala kashaya is administered.

In Dandruff: Gomutra with tila taila and lemon juice is applied on scalp and head bath taken in Luke warm water.

In Dizziness/ Excess Day Sleep/Giddiness: Gomutra nasya – relives thamas.

In general the dose or amount of Gomutra is taken half the amount the dose in vata when compared to the dose of kapha. Still half the amount dose of vata in case of pittaja disorders.


  1. It prevents heart disorders.
  2. It maintains equilibrium of water content and acid – base balance.
  3. It cleans kidney and liver and strengthens their activities.
  4. It cleans all channels of body and also opens obstruction in channels thus can even reach brain. Hence it is highly indicated in all disorders of brain/ neurological conditions like apasmara, unmade, atattvabinivesha, compulsive disorders and other psychiatric complaints.
  5. It is potent anti-poisonous.
  6. It removes the deposits of other chemical residue taken during any long term drug therapy.
  7. It enhances the function of respiratory system.
  8. It enhances the function of nervous system.
  9. It enhances the mobility of smooth muscles.
  10. It clears the viscous obstructions in blood vessels.
  11. It enhances the complexion of skin.
  12. It enhances metabolic activity of cells.
  13. It accelerates the sexual centers and there by improves reproductive system.
  14. It enhances tissue metabolism.
  15. It slows down aging process.
  16. It detoxifies blood and hepatic circulation.
  17. It enhances production of bile and pancreatic secretions.
  18. It corrects menstrual disorders.
  19. It boosts immunity power by increasing the resistance power.
  20. It maintains the level of insulin by enhancing the function of pancreas.

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