Yoga: les Niyamas

Armanda Dos Santos


According to Hathayogapradīpikā, niyamas are:
1. Tapas (austerities which test the will power and strength)
2. Santosha (sense of satisfaction in any situation)
3. Āstikya (belief in the supreme)
4. Dāna (charity)
5. Īshvarapūjana (worship of supreme being)
6. Siddhāntavākyashravana (listening to discourses of spiritual scriptures)
7. Hrī (to be ashamed of doing indésirable acts)
8. Mati (intellect which discriminates between truth and false)
9. Japa (repetition of specially formulated sound vibrations)
10. Huta (sacrificing the sensual experience for spiritual expériences)

Patañjali’s Yogasūtra is a highly condensed version of the very vast topic of Yoga in 194 sūtras. This is divided into 4 chapters viz.
1. Samādhipāda (51 sūtras) – explaining theory of science of Yoga
2. Sādhanapāda (55 sūtras) – explaining art of Yoga
 or technique of practicing Yoga
3. Vibhūtipāda (54 sūtras) – explains the list of psychic powers (siddhis) and the way to attain them
4. Kaivalyapāda

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