Top 50 Health Questions That Trouble Most of us Today

CureJoy has compiled a list of “The 50 most frequently asked health questions” that are right up there in the priority list of “answers we seek”.

by Shrinivas Sharma – Sep 9, 2014

Check out the informative responses given by our Top experts that will force you to question your myths, gain insights and empower you to taking health into your own hands:

  1. How Much Sex Is Healthy?
  2. Does masturbation cause hair loss?
  3. Is Banana a weight-gain or a weight-loss fruit?
  4. Will eating after 9 PM cause weight gain?
  5. Does fasting before a workout cause more fat burn?
  6. Does onion really help hair growth?
  7. Can honey and lemon help lose weight?
  8. How can I get enough vitamin B12 if I don’t eat meat?
  9. What’s the best time to do exercise?
  10. Natural Ways to Boost Breast Milk Production
  11. Can eating chocolate really lower body fat?
  12. Why Is it Healthy to Drink Hot Water?
  13. Should fruit be eaten before or after meals?
  14. Is Jaggery a Safer Sugar Substitute for Diabetics?
  15. Do breast enlargement pills, creams and herbs really work?
  16. Can You Do Yoga During Your Period?
  17. Is green tea really good for weight loss or is it just a hype?
  18. Which burns more calories, Walking or Running?
  19. How do Chia seeds assist with Weight Loss?
  20. How Diabetes Affects Your Sex Life?
  21. Is Taking a Nap during the Day Good or Bad for Your Health?
  22. What Herbs Help Increase Fertility in Men?
  23. Is Honey combined with ghee, a dangerous poison?
  24. How to use garlic as natural antibiotic?
  25. Can cracking your knuckles cause arthritis?
  26. Is yoga effective for fat burning?
  27. Are eggs good or bad for my cholesterol?
  28. Is soda really bad for your kidneys?
  29. Does eating mint cause erectile dysfunction ?
  30. Can A Diabetic Eat Banana Everyday Without Affecting His/Her Sugar Level?
  31. Can Diabetic Diet Include Honey?
  32. How to Use Triphala Churna for Better Digestive Health?
  33. Does cow urine therapy really work? What are benefits of Cow urine therapy?
  34. Is It Beneficial to Fast One Day a Week?
  35. Does milk actually cause kidney stones?
  36. Does taking an afternoon sleep makes you fat?
  37. How Much Raw Ginger Can one Eat?
  38. What’s the Best Time of Day to Do Yoga?
  39. Is Ashwagandha Good For Anxiety & Depression?
  40. Can diet or exercise really prevent diabetes?
  41. What is the advantage of Yoga over to other Exercises?
  42. Can Eating Chocolate Help You Lose Weight?
  43. Do birth control pills make women gain weight?
  44. Does Excessive Use Of Cellphones Cause Infertility In Men?
  45. Is it safe to eat papaya (papita) during pregnancy?
  46. How Many Cups of Coffee Is Too Much A Day?
  47. Does Eating Greasy Foods(oily) Cause Acne Breakouts?
  48. Why Honey should not be heated above body temperature?
  49. Will eating tomatoes lead to kidney stone?
  50. Does smoking cause impotency?



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