Doshas and the Sub Doshas


Get up early in am brahma muhurta (96 minutes before sunrise) to work with Vata – move bowels, increase akash
If you wake up late you add kapha to body. The later you sleep in the more kapha is accumulated.
Not good time for oil basti – transfers to amashaya/stomach that early. Want to do basti with small amount of food in stomach. When agni is tikshna or when you are hungry is not the time for oil basti.
In winter, if its too cool you may not want to get up from the bed, but open your eyes and sit up so that kapha increase is stopped at that point. Ideally you get up, but this will help activate Vata. Get up, brush teeth, then clear bowels.
To reduce vata/channelize vata don’t drink cold water – shita guna increases vata and kapha in body. A half glass of warm…

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