Detailed Digestion in Ayurveda and digestive additions


Food is how we replenish the 5 elements that compose the universe in our bodies. We eat the food and we try to convert to the five elements in our body.

The food we eat has all 5 elements – prithvi, teja, aap, akasha, vayu – and convert into the body elements with the help of agni. That process is called digestion. Different systems of medicine have different theories about digestion.

Ayurveda- all 3 doshas are responsible and present in digestion
Saliva is bodha kapha and gets mixed with the food in mastication = bodha kapha senses the rasas

The particles of food get disintegrated and mixed with bodha kapha – rasanendriya/tongue has capacity to taste, but only with addition of bodha kapha. The signals are carried by prana vayu from the tongue to the brain. There are other constituents involved in process of digestion. When certain tastes are…

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