Activities And Diet For Kapha Balance


We learnt about Kapha imbalance in the last post. Let us explore the activities and diet for Kapha balance.

One thing to mention here – those Kapha imbalance symptoms  indicate that the person is neither healthy nor sick. Those symptoms indicate that if someone experiencing them, indulges in more of Kapha imbalance activities such as excessive sleep, eating oily foods, ice creams etc, may develop Kapha dosha diseases in future.

Note: If you have not yet read about kapha imbalance, it may be difficult for you to understand what we are talking about here.   

Activities for Kapha Balance: 

Vamana, Nasya, Dhoomapana – Vamana is an Ayurvedic Panchakarma treatment procedure.  It is a process lasting for about one hour, where patient is induced for vomiting. Nasya means nasal instillation of medicated herbal liquids. Dhoomapana means herbal smoking.
Langhana – Not taking food, fasting or taking very limited food that are light to digest. This helps in improving digestion. Remember, indigestion is related to Kapha imbalance.

Anjana – There are specific collyrium treatments that can reduce Kapha. This is specially beneficial with symptoms like lack of enthusiasm, lethargy, excessive sleepiness etc.

Powder massage, steam therapy – These procedures bring lightness to the body and stimulate the body organs and helps the person to be more active.

Stressful activities – Activities that make you think hard, that leave you a little stressed helps naturally to get rid of laziness and lethargy.

Jagarana – waking up till late night. It makes the mind alert and keeps the excessive sleepiness at bay.

Walking, restricting on liquid intake, exercise – These will stimulate the body and mind.

Residing in a warm place – so, if you think you have some kapha imbalance in you, try switching off air conditioner.

Bottom line – If you have kapha imbalane, then make sure to be more alert and active.

Diet for kapha balance:
Kapha diet should include – Beans, green gram, Bengal gram (Chickpea), horse gram, Amlagarlic, neem, radish, bitter-gourd, mustard oil, hot water,  Mustard, banana flower, Yam (vegetable), honey, betel leaf, old wine, cow urine pepper, long pepper, ginger, Triphala,  beaten rice.

Barley for Kapha balance –  Usually sweet substances, that improve body strength cause Kapha increase. But barley is an exception. Though barley is sweet – astringent in taste and is coolant in nature, it helps to balance Kapha. Hence, it is an ideal diet ingredient for weight loss.

Diet rich in bitter, astringent and pungent principles balance Kapha.

Another bottom line  – If you have Kapha imbalance, it makes sense to take food in condition only.




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