Ayurveda: Mind and Disease


In Ayurveda the body and the mind are two pathways for the manifestation of disease. The mind itself is of three constituents of sattvika (balance and purity), rajasika (arrogance and activity), and tamasika (indolence and ignorance). Rajas and tamas are only reactive tendencies that culminate and vitiate the mind and are the creation factors of psychological disturbances. The mind without these is sattvika, naturally pure and of correct functioning. Therefore the two doshas (that which is imbalanced) of the mind are rajas and tamas. There is also the three biological humors of Vata, Pitta and Kapha which are also doshas but of the body, not the mind. They are what vitiate and create metabolic imbalance within the body which intern culminates and vitiates the body with somatic disturbances. The mind and body have separate etio-pathological agents. This is why diseases in Ayurveda are classified under two categories of somatic and…

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