In regards to emotional Agni


In regards to emotional agni Dr. Lad offers this to us:

According to Ayurveda, the ancient science of self-knowledge, the emotional body can be purified by the same methods which purify the physical body.

Strotomukha vishodhanam is cleansing the passages through which emotions flow.
If there is fear, anxiety, anger – surrender to it. That letting go opens the channels of circulation. Then the emotion can move freely.

Vrudhi means to increase impurity. On the psychological level, the emotions must be provoked before they can be released.
Encourage crying, see a sad movie, do anger release work. This gets the emotion moving, but it doesn’t end it for good.
Abhisyandhan is de-crystallization or liquefaction of emotion. It makes the emotion as a fluid just as salt or sugar melts in the sun.
This can be done with deep tissue work, vigorous massage or by reclining the body in a gentle easy posture – this will help your emotions become liquid.

You cannot yield juice from an unripe mango. If you try, you will destroy the mango. Then you will have neither the mango nor its juice! But if you ripen the mango the juice flows easily from the fruit. This ripening is called pachan, which digests the emotion and brings maturation. Maturity is the perfume of life.
To ripen your emotions, bring total awareness to your feelings. The memory of an insult is lodged in your mind – bring complete awareness to it and you will no longer be attached to it. Stay with your grief with total awareness.
The flame of awareness will cook your grief and like a dry leaf it drops to the ground. Stay near your feelings, stay near God.
Fast from food. Fast from talking. Allow the emotion to ripen. Allow your grief and anger to flower and they will die their own natural death. Suppress them and they will fight for their existence.

Deepana means to enkindle the flame of awareness. Stay in the stops between your breath. Stay in the gap between your thoughts. Meditation is the medium through which the flame of awareness is enkindled.

~Vasant Lad


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