What is Ama? What foods cause Ama?

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« Ama » means partially or undigested food. Ama can cause toxic residue to build up in the gut. This residue harms the gut and can infiltrate and harm the body and its organs, contributing to many different chronic disease conditions.

Any food that is poorly digested creates a little bit of Ama. Ama builds up over months and years. Each individual person has a unique ability to digest certain foods as well as a propensity to poorly digest others. So while there are foods that typically cause Ama in all people, there is a separate list that depends on your unique body type as well as other factors like your inherited digestive enzymes (Agni) and cultural adaptations (Satmya).

Here are some of the foods and eating habit  that are typically cause Ama:

  • Eating too much or too often (going beyond our capaicty)
  • Foods consumed when you are emotionally disturbed
  • Eating while…

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