Conseils du Dr Lad pour pacifier Pitta en été


In summer season, the water component evaporates and the earth becomes dry. Similarly, the water component of bodily kapha evaporates in the form of sweat.

People may show signs of low energy and tiredness, complaining of summer fatigue, which is a sign of excess pitta.

~Vasant Lad

Pitta types of speech disorders come from self-centeredness and judgmental thinking, which may come out as criticism, perfectionism, or aggression.

High pitta may even lead to fanatcism and obsession, which can show up in a person’s speech.

Before talking, one should have precise thinking and this requires balanced pitta dosha.

Herbs such as brahmi, shankha pushpi, and jatamamsi can help pitta types of speech disorders.

~Vasant Lad

Pitta begins to accumulate quickly from 10 or 11 am, so it can be beneficial to have a little breakfast before beginning work. By eating breakfast, pitta will not be provoked so easily later in the morning. Oatmeal, barley soup of cream of wheat with milk or ghee are all good options.

If you like to eat fruit, don’t mix it with grains.

The best fruits for summer are apples, pears, melons, dates, plums, and prunes, which are all cooling and calming to the stomach.

~Vasant Lad

Pitta-pacifying asanas focus on its main sites in the solar plexus, navel, and abdominal area, including the liver, spleen, stomach, small intestine, and heart.

All backward bends stretch these areas and help to calm down aggravated pitta. Forward bends increase pitta, because too much blood rushes to the brain. For the same reason, perform any inverted asana for only a short period, especially shirshasana (headstand), which is contraindicated for pitta types.

These people should generally avoid asanas that create too much internal heat.

~Vasant Lad

Summer tip: After yoga or other exercise, Ayurveda suggests the application of either coconut or sunflower oil, followed by a shower.

Use 1/2 to 1 cup of oil and gently massage the entire body. Coconut is particularly calming, cooling. and soothing to the skin. It cools pitta in the skin and penetrates through the skin into the sweat glands, soothing any sunburn, hives, rashes, or urticaria.

~Vasant Lad

Ghee is a pitta pacifying substance that is useful in summer and bitter ghee (called tikta ghrita) is especially cooling, as it contains a number of bitter herbs, including neem.

Ayurvedic literature says that taking 1/2 teaspoon of bitter ghee on an empty stomach on summer mornings will improve digestive functions and control pitta dosha.

~ Vasant Lad

To pacify pitta, put on a sandalwood mala (rosary beads) or wear a red coral necklace with a pearl set in the center.

One can also wear amethyst crystals, moonstone, malachite, or silver jewelry, which all cool down pitta.

~ Vasant Lad

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