Dos & mauvaises postures

Your posture

Your posture

When a therapist treats you for back pain, one of the fundamental areas they should focus on is your posture. Years of slouching put undue stress on your back and force the muscles and joints to work that much harder in order to keep your spine stabilized.

This causes muscle imbalances which then lead to back pain, sciatica and fatigue.

Exercise programs designed to strengthen these muscles and alleviate back pain are great, but the results will be very short lived, and can often irritate your pain even further, if you are not focusing on your posture and holding the correct symmetry on either side of your body. Bad posture can also cause you to have one leg shorter than the other.

If you would like more information on posture, ‘An Experts Guide to Treating Back Pain and Sciatica’ available (at no cost), along with a video demonstrating a simple exercise you can do at home which will help you get relief from your back pain or sciatica at

Source: AYUR clinic – Kerala


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